Traditional farmer’s cheese and Farmhouse cheese

A special place in our heart has been reserved for the real farmer’s cheeses. This cheese is produced daily on the farm itself according a traditional way with pure and daily fresh milk of their own cow’s. Often according to recipes with are in the family for several generations. Our partner is taking care of the traditional ripening in their warehouses for us. Maturing this traditional way creates these beautiful cheeses. Most of the cheeses in our assortment has the well-known KB-mark, issued by the Stichting Kwaliteitszorg Boerderijkaas (a special quality foundation). We also deliver farmhouse cheese. These cheeses have had a special heath treatment and are therefore not made from raw milk. Because of this, the Farmhouse cheese is very suitable for export. In cooperation with dedicated farmhouses several unique farmhouse cheeses are being produced for us. Beautiful examples are the Farmhouse cheese with whiskey, the Jersey Farmhouse cheese and the Farmhouse goatcheese with truffle, all of them are truly cheese pearls from Holland!

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