Dutch specialties

There are still a lot of cheeses to discover in The Netherlands. Every region has its own specialties, all with their own origin, recipe and character. For example the delicious Proosdij cheese (Italian flavor) like the Unico Rosso (matured) and the Unico Verde (old). These cheeses are full of taste with a sweet touch. Or our Wiericker Bunkerkaas with his sturdy look, they have a creamy-spicy character. And don’t forget our “ The Old”, a North Holland Cheese with his crackling dairy crystals. An old cheese with a soft bite although a strong taste.

From Brabant (a province in the Netherlands) we have the best goat cheeses for you. Available in all maturations young till old. This Goat Cheese assortment also contains an excellent range of Goat Cheeses with various herbs and spices.

We supply a complete assortment of Gouda cheeses with herbs and spices under our brand name “Dutch Cheese Gallery”. Furthermore we have a delicious assortment of sheep cheese from the Gelderse Valley by the brand of “Horstbrande”. The best seller of this assortment is the Horstbrande Truffle. New products are developed all the time.

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